Things Kiddos Say

I find that kiddos say the funniest things.  Sometimes it is exactly when it is needed and others not so much.  But we all need to laugh.  I’ll be posting some of my funniest moments with my kiddos and hope you will share yours as well (please use pseudo names).  Enjoy!





☻A third grader walked over and surprised me with a huge hug.  Once she let go, she gently pushed in my stomach with her index finger and said, “You’re really squishy there.”

☻ One of my third graders walked in and looked at me one morning and asked if I was okay.  When I replied that I was he replied, “Are you sure?  Because your hair is kinda curly in the back.  Did you not have time this morning to do it?”

☻After a snow & ice storm my kiddos were chatting about how all the towns around us had a delay and that we probably went to school on time because we had an early dismissal (a delay would have become a cancellation in that instance).  One of them said, “That’s okay because now our brains will get bigger because we’ll get smarter from coming to school!”

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